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On My Way - Lori's Review of FINDING FOCUS by Jiffy Kate

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Sheridan “Dani” Reed is a recently unemployed photojournalist living in New York City. Her boyfriend is vacationing without her, and her best friend has abandoned her for a job in the south.

Is a quarter-life crisis a thing?

After accepting a freelance job in Louisiana for Southern Style magazine, she feels the bleakness of her life back in New York fading in the rearview mirror. Getting back to her southern roots seems to be just what she needs to lift her spirits and spark her creativity. During her stay, she meets playboy Micah Landry and his colorful family. She knows she should avoid him and keep things professional, but his southern charms are hard to resist.

Through the lens of her camera, she finds the beauty and soul of the Landry Plantation, but it’s her beauty and soul that capture Micah’s attention.

When an unexpected phone call takes her back to New York, she’s forced to face the life she was trying to escape head on.

Will her trip and the Landrys only become fond memories, or will Dani find her way back to them and her beloved south?

In their debut novel, Jiffy Kate bring you a story of love, adventure, and finding a place to call home.

Jiffy Kate is the joint pen name for Jiff Simpson and Jenny Kate Altman. 

You can call us Jiff and Jenny Kate, but we'll answer to just about anything. 

Jiff is a Louisiana girl living in Texas. She's currently a substitute teacher, working her way back into the classroom. Her most important job is raising two teenagers. She accepts daily prayers on her behalf. 

Jenny Kate is Sooner born and Sooner bred. She works in an accounting department but has a degree in elementary education. She's a mom to a preteen boy in an old man's body. Her evenings are spent sitting at the football field watching practice and her Saturdays in the stands. 

When Jiff and Jenny Kate get the chance to escape real life, you can find them in GDocs writing, immersed in a romance novel, or on a jet plane heading to their next adventure.

This writing duo was new to me, and this was actually a wonderful read. I know that makes it sounds like I was surprised, but I guess I was. I've come to expect a certain formula in romance books, especially ones that are re-written fanfiction stories. This story completely bucked the system and followed it's own rules.

Sheridan 'Dani' Reed is feeling adrift. After months of feeling less then thrilled with her long term boyfriend, Dani loses her job, sending her to Louisiana to do some freelance work with for her best friend. While visiting the Landry plantation, Dani reconnects with the values from her past while getting to know the incredible Micah Landry and his family.

When we first meet Micah, I was really sure that I was going to hate him. Dani and Micah's first run-in did not paint him in a very good light. I have to give the authors props for completely changing my mind about him. He is incredibly sweet and funny. Once he sets his eyes on Dani, he makes it his mission to have her. But what is he going to do about that pesky boyfriend back in New York City?

Dani has no family left, a fact that comes into glaring focus after spending time with the Landry's. They laugh, tease, torture, and look out for each other and Dani finds herself being included. The lost feeling that had been hounding her in New York City disappears amidst the acceptance and love she finds down in French Settlement, Louisiana.

Dani and Micah slide into a relationship that develops so organically. I love how natural it feels. There is nothing rushed about it, even though it does happen in a relatively short amount of time. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to read this story and to tell others about it.

5 out of 5 stars

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