Thursday, November 5, 2015

Say Goodbye - Lori's Review + Blog Tour of BURN FOR YOU by Stephanie Reid

Burn For You Synopsis:
Vic Russo is just one of the guys. Except she’s not a guy. A paramedic, affectionately known as Vic within her firehouse, Victoria is a permanent fixture in the friend zone. But when her childhood crush, firefighter Graham McAndrew, becomes single once again, she decides enough is enough. It’s time for Graham to see her as the woman she’s become. There’s only one problem. A photo of her in the arms of another man has captured the nation’s attention.

Jason Meadows is not thrilled to have his police work interrupted by a small media craze. In fact, he’d be content never to see Victoria or that photo-gone-viral again. But a series of fires in town, paired with a growing attraction to the quirky paramedic, make staying away impossible.

Determined to ferret out a potential killer, Jason enlists Victoria’s help as his eyes and ears inside the firehouse. And while threats rise from within, Victoria is forced to choose between the love of her past and the man who’s ignited her fire within.
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Stephanie Reid writes contemporary romances with heart, humor, and a happily ever after. She holds a master's degree in Human Development Counseling and enjoys using counseling theories on her fictional characters (and from time to time her husband).
She draws inspiration for her stories from life experience, and when writing, she frequently asks her police officer husband for his input on all things law enforcement. They've agreed not to discuss the bits of advice she doesn't take when it doesn't serve her plots well, and this makes for a very harmonious marriage.
Born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, Stephanie now resides with her husband and three children in central Illinois.

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Stephanie Reid is a new author for me. I get a little nervous when I step out and trust an author I've never read before. It really paid off for me this time.

Victoria Russo is a paramedic, one of the first responders on the scenes of what becomes a serial arsonist's dangerous game of cat and mouse. New Arson Investigator, Jason Meadows is working hard to prove himself to his boss. As he is questioning the team at Victoria's firehouse, he becomes increasingly attracted to Vic's intelligence, calm and competent demeanor, and the killer body that she just can't hide underneath her paramedic's uniform no matter how much she tries.

Victoria has been in love with her brother's best friend Graham for as long as she can remember, so why is it suddenly Jason Meadows who is consuming her every thought? Even though Graham is newly single, it has become incredibly evident to Victoria that he has been stringing her along and using her for years. It's also quite clear that Graham's presence has never brought the tingles of excitement that she gets just from simple texts from Jason.

As Jason and Victoria grow closer, the arsonist gets bolder and the deadline looms ahead. If Jason isn't able to solve the crimes quickly, he could be putting several fire companies in danger, including Victoria.

I really enjoyed this story. There was a lot of action and suspense. I was quite a fan of the romance and the way Victoria and Jason's relationship came together. The main characters were strong and well-developed and the supporting character were quirky and lovable. The pace of the romance was perfectly balanced with the danger. I look forward to seeing more from this new-to-me author.

4 out of 5 stars

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