Friday, April 19, 2013

Loving My Local Library

After moving to a new city at the beginning of the year, I finally had a day to go and visit the local library.  To my amazement, and totally unlike the last library I frequented, the Tyler Public Library did not charge me for my library card.  The other bonus is that I have no limit to the amount of books I can check out at a time.  So more for me.  YAY.

And now for the best part of today's visit.  My ten-year old, who has never really enjoyed reading, found a book to read and he couldn't put it down.  He read it in the elevator at the library.  I had to guide him through the doors by the arm because he wouldn't stop reading.  He even whined when he noticed our car turning down our street because he didn't want to stop reading long enough to get into the house.

So today I say thank you.  Thank You public library for continuing to brighten my life.

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