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Ten Days of Perfect by Andrea Randall

Ten Days of Perfect by Andrea Randall

Goodreads Blurb
This is the first book in the November Blue series.

Scars from her first love and the reckless lifestyle of her parents force Ember Harris to chart a new course. She favors practicality over spontaneity and rules over a broken heart.

An encounter with a musician at a local pub forces Ember into making a decision to let go or hold on for dear life as passions are unlocked and deceptions revealed.

November Blue Harris meets Bo Cavanaugh when he performs at the bar that her friend manages.  Their meeting lights a spark that begins to burn bright and quick.

There were a few things about this story that turned me off a bit. The first being the lead character, Ember. For some reason I didn't get a clear picture of her and just couldn't connect. The second was the fact that these two meet on Friday and Monday night this girl was telling herself that she is in love?!?!?!? And lastly, I was a little surprised to see Bo jump into a relationship that could potentially cause problems for the foundation that his parents began.

I could tell by the title that this would be a whirlwind romance, but I never really expected the L-word to come into play 3 days into the relationship. That being said, the relationship is hot and heavy. Bo and Ember seem to have a lot in common, but where she was ready for fast and furious, he demanded slow and easy. Their connection on the stage is echoed and intensified in the bedroom. 

Because I really did enjoy Bo and some of the other characters as well as the author's general writing style, I probably will read the next book in the series.

3 out of 5 stars. 

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