Friday, August 22, 2014

Brave - A Review of THIS IS FALLING by Ginger Scott

Title: This Is Falling
Author: Ginger Scott
Publication Date: 8/29/2014
Source: Netgalley, author

Synopsis:  First, I had to remember how to breathe. Then, I had to learn how to survive. Two years, three months and sixteen days had passed since I was the Rowe Stanton from before, since tragedy stole my youth and my heart went along with it.

When I left for college, I put a thousand miles between my future and my past. I’d made a choice—I was going to cross back to the other side, tolive with the living. I just didn’t know how.

And then I met Nate Preeter.

An All-American baseball player, Nate wasn’t supposed to notice a ghost-of-a-girl like me. But he did. He shouldn’t want to know my name. But he did. And when he learned my secret and saw the scars it left behind, he was supposed to run. But he didn’t.

My heart was dead, and I was never supposed to belong to anyone. But Nate Preeter had me feeling, and he made me want to be his. He showed me everything I was missing.

And then he showed me how to fall.

Ginger Scott is a writer and journalist from Peoria, Arizona. She is the author of four young and new adult romances, with her fifth title, This Is Falling, set to release in late August 2014. 

Scott has been writing and editing for newspapers, magazines and blogs for more than 15 years. She has told the stories of Olympians, politicians, actors, scientists, cowboys, criminals and towns. For more on her and her work, visit her website at

When she's not writing, the odds are high that she's somewhere near a baseball diamond, either watching her son field pop flies like Bryce Harper or cheering on her favorite baseball team, the Arizona Diamondbacks. Scott is married to her college sweetheart whom she met at ASU (fork 'em, Devils).

*quotes are from an advanced copy and may not be in the final, published version.

I was a little hesitant about reading a New Adult book by an author that was previously unknown to me.  I have gotten myself into ugly stories by agreeing to do this in the past, but from the description I knew I just had to give this one a try.  I am really glad that I did.

Rowe expericenced an incredible tragedy, and as a result, has lived with PTSD for the past two years.  After home-schooling the last two years of high school, she determines to attend college away from her home and parents.  Although she is often paralyzed by fear, Rowe is committed to making this work in order to further her healing.

Before classes even start, Rowe literally runs into freshman baseball sensation, Nate Preeter.  It is instant attraction, but Rowe still has a hard time even being out in public.  The thought of opening up to someone and sharing her scars, both literal and figurative, is almost more than she can bear.

Nate is unbelievably sweet.  He knows that Rowe isn't going to be an easy conquest and that he is going to have to jump MAJOR hurtles, but he is tired of pretending to be something he isn't.  After facing his own heartbreak, Nate is looking for someone that is willing to be around for the long haul.  He knows that winning Rowe's heart will be worth it.

Nate and Rowe's relationship isn't easy, but it is fun.  They have a very playful friendship that includes pranks, and sprinklers, and many inside jokes.  Their relationship is so very authentic.  The struggles they face are real and organic.  I was fully invested in their future.  

The story is told through alternating p.o.v.'s and it was very well done.
Nate's brother, Ty, and Rowe's roommates, Cass and Paige are all extremely well thought out secondary characters.  They each play an integral part in the overall story and I enjoyed getting to know them.  

Ty's story is coming next and I am super excited to get a chance to be in his head.

5 out of 5 stars for me

This book earned two songs.   I just couldn't decide which one fit better.

Idina Menzel - Brave

If this is the moment I stand here on my own
If this is my rite of passage that somehow leads me home
I might be afraid 
But it's my turn to be brave
If this is the last chance before we say goodbye
At least it's the first day of the rest of my life
I can't be afraid 
Cause it's my turn to be brave

The Killers - Human

 “Close your eyes. Clear your heart”
I love the idea behind this song.  Are we human?  Do we make our own decisions and choices?  Or are we dancers, following a choreographed life without an personal input? 

After intense pain and devastation, Rowe decided to take control of her life and stop allowing her fear to rule. 


  1. I love Ginger Scott and I'm planning on reading This is Falling this week. I'm so glad you liked it. You must read her earlier books! Waiting on the Sidelines is my favorite.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation. I will definitely be checking out her other stories. This was fantastic.