Friday, October 24, 2014


Title: Camp Forget-Me-Not
Author: J.K. Rock
Publisher: Spencer Hill Press
Publication Date: 10/7/2014

About the Book:

Playing it safe and fitting in may have rocketed Kayla West into the In crowd at Camp Juniper Point, but it's left her lonely. The only person she's ever been herself with was her former best friend, Nick, an outsider that pushed her to join the most popular girls cabin two years ago. Too bad being a Diva meant pressure to break up with Nick. Of course, Kayla had her reasons, but Nick can never know the real one. She always thought she'd forget him one day and move on. Until he returns to camp a super-hot Olympian snowboarder. Now, every girl wants him and Nick seems determined to show her what a mistake she made. Or at least, she thought that's what he wanted. But when Nick starts sending her private notes--just like he used to--she wonders what kind of game he's playing. Nick's attention is making it tougher to stay in the background and play in safe, forcing Kayla to make a decision--stay on the sidelines and get overlooked? Or take a chance on trusting Nick and, maybe... herself.

About the Authors:

Writing partners Joanne and Karen Rock pen Young Adult books as a team in addition to solo careers as adult romance writers (learn more below). Married into the same big, boisterous clan, Joanne and Karen quickly bonded over a shared love of books. After a decade of re-plotting their favorite films during family parties, they decided to write a book of their own. They sold their first attempt to the Spencer Hill Contemporary imprint of Spencer Hill Press as the launch title.

A New World at Camp- The Diva’s Den
By J.K. Rock

Life at Camp Juniper Point took an interesting turn for us as started Book # 3 in the Camp Boyfriend series First of all, the heroine isn’t from the same cabin as Lauren and Alex, the heroines of the last two Camp books. We left behind the Munchies Manor girls to see what was happening over in the Divas’ Den, home of the sometimes-enemy of the Munchies.
Welcome to the convoluted world of frenemies.
We’ve seen them before in literature from Jo and Amy in Little Women to Blair and Serena in Gossip Girl. Remember in Legally Blonde when we despised Vivian for mocking our heroine? And then she realized how much they had in common and they become besties. It happens.
The girls at Camp Juniper Point went through some of this back in Camp Boyfriend. Ie- “How can you be friends with them?” was the unspoken question from both sides. But as we grow up, we look beyond our closest friends to see how those who are different from us are cool, too. In Camp Christmas, we got the point of view from the meanest of the Divas’ Den girls and saw how she got that way. It was painful.
In Camp Forget Me Not, we leave the Munchies Manor all together to see what life is like inside the walls of the Diva hangout. Turns out, it’s not all that different. The girls are good friends, but they still argue. They are as close as sisters, with all the mixed up divided loyalties that sometimes implies.
One of our favorite parts of Camp Forget Me Not is the newest Diva in town. She’s trying to take over as the new Queen of Mean and the showdown between her and the former reigning queen is a memorable one. Sometimes it’s okay to protect your terrain, a lesson Hannah has learned well. But on the plus side—it’s also a good thing to make new friends and reach out to people who might feel marginalized. Watching the girls try to “save” a minion of the resident mean girl is as fun and funny as it is true to life.
Hannah knows how to pick her battles. It’s a lesson that Kayla has to learn in her quest to win back Nick. It’s okay to be a nice girl. Even a nice, quiet girl. But there’s a time for speaking up too. And if that means embracing your inner Diva to get the job done… all the better.


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