Saturday, February 28, 2015

Saturday Soundtrack (1) - Kim Churchill

I have always worked hard to keep my children's minds open to all genres of music. We listen to all types in our house. Well, all types with the exception of country music. It's not banned, it's just not something that any of us have ever been drawn to aside from an occasional song every 6 or 7 years.

Anyway, I have prided myself on sharing new songs and artists with my children and their friends. My 16 year-old and I share the same musical tastes while the two younger boys like a wide variety of things. In the past year, the 16 year-old has flipped the tables and began recommending music to me. And I love it.  I feel a bit like I have my own personal 'happy' dealer. It's great.  

The most recent artist that he recommended to me is Kim Churchill.  According to Wikipedia, 

Kim Churchill is an Australian folk, rock and blues singer, songwriter and musician. He has released four albums, With Sword and Shield and Kim Churchill in 2010, Detail of Distance in 2012 and Silence/Win in 2014. 

He has a completely unique voice and and incredible flair with the guitar. I love the way he tosses in the harmonica and sprinkles in the blues.

Kim Churchill - Canopy - Mahogany Session

I am mesmerized by the way he plays his guitar in this song.

Kim Churchill - Window to the Sky 

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