Saturday, April 18, 2015

Saturday Soundtrack (6) - Narrow Plains

Today's Saturday Soundtrack comes from Narrow Plains. From their website
"Narrow Plains are an acoustic band, based in London. Gigging around the UK. Members are Charlie Ferriday (Guitar, Vocs), Stuart Connick (Drums/Percussion, Backing Vocs) and Roger Connick (Bass, Backing Vocs)"
Most of my Soundtrack recommendations come from my sixteen year old son, but this week's pick actually found me. One of the perks of doing these Saturday Soundtrack posts is that I have had a few bands that find and follow me on Twitter. Narrow Plains is just such a band. I followed their links and listened to their songs and I was blown away. I immediately sent their links to one of my best friends and instructed her to listen and flail with me. And here is why.

Narrow Plains - So Rewind

Their sound reminds me of some of my favorite early 90's bands, but with a fresh twist. I love the acoustic yet full nature of their songs.

Narrow Plains - Keep You Anyway

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Do you have any music rec's for me? Please leave me a comment. I'm always looking for new tunes.

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