Sunday, January 26, 2014

Bookish Confessions - I'm a Quitter

I discovered something disturbing about myself this week.  When it comes to books series, I.  Am.  A. Quitter.  

It was during a routine visit to a fellow book blog that I made the comment that I often don't read the last book in a series.  I usually have an ending in my head and I'm afraid to read the author's version of how she thinks the series should end.  I mean, c'mon.  How many of us would've ended Allegiant the way Veronica Roth did?  But then I got to looking at the list of books I've read on Goodreads and have uncovered a scary amount of series that I have left unfinished.  I decided to list them a few in no particular order.

Fallen - 4 stars
Torment - 4 stars
Passion - 4 stars
Rapture - didn't read

Divergent - 5 stars
Insurgent - 5 stars
Allegiant - didn't read

Hush, Hush - 5 stars 
Crescendo - 5 stars
Silence - 5 stars
Finale - didn't read

Delirium - 4 stars
Pandemonium - 5 stars
Requiem - didn't read

Unearthly - 5 stars
Hallowed - 5 stars
Boundless - didn't read

Have you read these series?  Is there one series in particular that you really want to convince me to finish?  Give me your best argument.

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