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Tinks A Lot - Nikki's Review of TRANCE by Tabitha Levin

(Goodreads Blurb)

I'm supposed to believe in magic. As a magicians assistant, it sort of comes with the job. But hot and sexy hypnotist, Jason Green, changed all of that.

I didn't plan on meeting him, and I, for sure, didn't plan on the way my pulse races when he looks into my eyes. Those deep blue eyes that can see through the walls I've built up over the years.

But I can't think about him. I just can't. Not when my life and career are crashing down around me, and all I can do to keep my head above water is close myself off from everyone, especially him.

I have to start by saying, "OMG!  Don't you just love the cover?"  And I have to thank the author for sharing a copy of Trance in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Trance is a fun little read. A good ‘pick it up on Saturday afternoon and finish it late’ kinda book. It’s a cute love story about a girl that learns to trust her instincts and her ability to love again. Really, it’s about finding the magic in your life.

Thomas Tinks is that funny, sweet Grandpa everyone wishes they had. Scarlett Tinks is his redheaded Granddaughter and stage assistant. She is a bit of an upstart, but with her cloudy past, you really can’t blame her. I just loved Lacey, Scarlett’s feisty best friend. And then there’s Jason; he is a sexy hypnotist with a popular show. He is mysterious and sweet; and so easy to fall for. The characters are great, each dynamic in their own way. Their love and devotion to Scarlett is really endearing too.

The pace of the story is good and it’s easy to breeze through. I felt like the love story could have developed a little more. There wasn’t a lot of bonding to really solidify such a whirlwind romance for me. Scarlett hints at a big, bad secret from her past throughout the book and when you finally hear it, it’s kinda crazy. The sexy bits struck me as abrupt and I didn’t find them very appealing personally. I think Trance would be better suited as a YA book, not New Adult. I would’ve been just as happy with the outcome minus the sex. The ending gave me serious ‘Lifetime movie of the week’ vibes. The emo drama queen in me loved it, though it felt a bit unrealistic and cheesy. But hey, different strokes for different blokes. I finished the book happy, despite my minor gripes.

All in all, this was a good read. I enjoyed peering into the world of magic, hypnotism and stage shows. I felt like I was attending the shows Ooohing, Aaahing and laughing along with the audience. I felt quite dazzled at times. I really liked Scarlett and her spirit too. I would recommend this book to fans of quirky new adult romances.

3.5 Stars!

More Favorite Quotes:

"The world made sure I always said something stupid or nutty when a hot guy stood in front of me"

"Can I see you again?" "Every time you lose your eyes, since you said I'm now etched in your memory"

"...By the way, these shoes you made me wear suck." "Of course they don't, they just helped you meet someone you actually might consider dating, didn't they? That alone means they are the best shoes I own."

"There is no man in the world that is truly perfect. I'd rather live with a fantasy, than be disappointed in reality."

About Tabitha Levin:

Romance author Tabitha Levin lives in sunny Australia with her husband and two crazy kids. 

She started her writing career in television media, before becoming a freelance journalist for various woman's magazines.

When she's not putting on sunscreen and lazing on the beach you can find her tapping away at the keyboard writing fun and sexy stories.

She is currently working on her fourth novel, due out early 2014.


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Nail Art

I created a Gel look for myself inspired by Trance (bonus that it works for the Holidays!) I used a sparkly red to represent Scarlett, with her fiery hair and spirit. I did one feature nail on each hand with a shimmery gold base and bits of silver nail art foil to create a magical look. I decided to call the look ‘Tinks A Lot!’

You will need:
  • Sparkly Red polish (I like Essie Leading Lady)
  • Gold polish (I like OPI Goldeneye)
  • Top and base coats
  • Silver nail foils or a Glittery polish of your choice (Young Nails makes my favorite)
You don’t need to be a nail pro to play with foil leaf. Just Google it! It’s available in plenty of online shops for cheap.

Create ‘Tinks A Lot!’ at home:

1.       Treat and trim cuticles.

2.       Apply a base coat and allow to dry about 10 minutes.

3.       Brush on two coats of sparkly red to four of your fingers. Allow it to dry about 10 minutes between coats. (I love Essie Leading Lady)

4.       Apply two coats of gold to your feature finger of choice. Allow it to dry about 10 minutes between coats. (I love OPI Goldeneye)

5.       Want to use glitter?  Apply a fun glitter on top of your dry gold nail.
Want to try the foil? After the gold has dried, apply a thin layer of top coat to the gold nail only. Or, only apply top coat where you want silver foil, either way will work just fine.

6.       Wait 2-3 minutes, use tweezers to grab a bit of foil leaf. Drop it on a desired spot on your nail, allow it to stick and rip away excess. Use your tweezers to move the foil around, bunch it up and tamp it down. Repeat until you have a pattern and look that you like.

7.       Apply a layer of top coat to all nails.

Abracadabra, you’re all set!


Did you love Nikki's review?  Leave her a comment below to tell her how awesome her nail art is.

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