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Whatever It Takes - A Review of SEASON OF SECOND CHANCES by Brighton Walsh

(Goodreads Blurb)
When a storm strands Claire Hanlin in Chicago on Christmas Eve, the last person she expects to come to her rescue is Logan Dawes, the man she almost married two years ago. The chemistry between them is dangerously potent, but with nowhere else to go, Claire accepts Logan's offer to stay with him for the night.

Back in the home they shared, surrounded by reminders of Logan and his young daughter, Claire begins to realize how much she misses the family she almost had. After a few cups of Christmas cheer, she falls right back into her ex's arms-even though she knows it means setting herself up for heartbreak all over again.

The magic of the season has thrown him together with the woman he's never stopped loving, and Logan's not about to pass up this gift. He's not the workaholic he was two years ago-his family comes first. Now all he has to do is prove it to Claire, before the snow stops and she flies out of his life for good.
Thank you to Netgalley for providing an ARC for a fair and honest review.

The Story...

Claire is stranded at an airport in Chicago on her birthday, which also happens to be Christmas Eve.  Because of the storm and the holiday, finding a hotel room has become Mission Impossible. Enter Logan Dawes, the ex-fiance, who  shattered Claire's heart with his broken promises, when he let his job take priority over her in her time of need.

Logan was headed to a work site in New Mexico when the storm cancelled all flights.  When he stumbles upon Claire attempting to make hotel arrangements, he offers a room at his place, against his better judgement.  Having no where else to turn, Claire finally agrees.

Knowing that the demise of the their prior relationship was his fault, Logan makes a heartfelt apology.  Claire accepts and promises herself that she will not lose her heart.

Being together in what was once their home proves to be too much for both Claire and Logan.  They give in to the passion that is between them.  The sex is good, but that had never been their problem.  What will happen when the storm is over and reality finds it way back in?  Will Logan be able to keep the promises he's made or will his job once again come between him and the woman who is his everything?

What Worked...

This is the second novella that I have read and loved by Brighton Walsh.  (You can see my review of Plus One HERE.)  She has mastered the art of telling a complete story in very few words.  At no point did I feel like I was getting an partial story.

The chemistry between Logan and Claire was real.  The apologies were heartfelt.  I was up late reading and crying and begging Claire to forgive Logan almost as desperately as he was.

Claire was very determined that she would get what she wanted.  I loved that she wasn't afraid to put what she knew she needed ahead of her feelings for Logan.

What Didn't...

I felt that Claire let Logan off easy.  I know there was some time constraints due to the length of the story, but I really felt that Logan could've done more to prove that he would keep his promises to her.

4 out of 5 Stars


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