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Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop - Lori's Review of A LOVE UNEXPECTED by Jade MacStone

Title: A Love Unexpected
Author: Jade MacStone
Publisher: JG Books
Publication Date: 1/2/2015
Source: ARC from the author

What if your heart wants something it can’t have? 

Even if gorgeous womanizer, Samuel Summers, wasn’t in the middle of a social media scandal, Sedona Wallace would stay far away from him. He’s a new client at her PR firm, which makes him off limits and she’s not about to let a client get under her skin—or her covers.

Faced with losing his company, his financial security and more importantly, the source of income that provides for his ill sister, the last thing Samuel needs is another woman in his life. In fact, his entire life has been flipped upside down because of a woman. He doesn’t have any interest in romancing anyone in the middle of the scandal he’s desperate to discredit. 
But when they’re thrown together for work, Samuel and Sedona begin to uncover each other’s secrets, and discover they have more in common than they thought. Despite their chemistry, can Samuel and Sedona make things work in a world where the time and place is all wrong? 

The first in The Incanto Café Series, Sedona and Samuel are brought together by a mysterious woman named Invisible who weaves in and out of The Incanto Series Café. She guides them to a special coffee shop that serves unknowing couples coffee with love pushes. It won’t always be easy to make love matches but it’s the only way Invisible can get back her memory… and find her way back to her own true love. It’ll take a little work, and a tiny splash of magic. Coffee magic.

Jade MacStone lives close to the Rocky Mountains with her husband and son and a long string of worn out laptops. 

A strong believer in fate, Jade would love to own a coffee shop like the Incanto Cafe, and serve up magical coffee to people who need it most. 

A Rita Nominated best selling Young Adult author (under another name), Jade also loves romantic movies, romantic books and Skinny Vanilla Lattes.

Coffee and Love
When I was younger there was an indie coffee shop in my boyfriend’s neighbourhood that used to post pictures of singles on a bulletin board. Other singles could check them out and set up blind dates.  This of course, was before the Internet and online dating sites.  Also, that boyfriend is now my husband.
I thought it was really cute and always wanted to write a romance about a coffee shop that brought singles together. Fast forward many years and I came up with the idea of the Incanto Café.  I’ve also always been the kind of person who loves taking quizzes, like “What Does Your Coffee Drink say about you?” and again, thought about stories where coffee tastes matched up couples.
And so, parts of these ideas came together and formed the premise behind the Incanto Café. In this new series, a mysterious woman has a role in the café. She has a backstory that ties together the reason for the café existing and why only singles can enter the doors and sip on magical coffee that just might lead to love.  The reveals come slowly and each story is a contemporary love story with just a splash of magic helping the couples along.
I am a deep believer in the power of coffee. Mmm. Magical caffeine.  I can’t imagine starting my day without at least one cup.  
My FAVE.  
Vanilla Latte.  
You’ll need an espresso machine, a steamer and vanilla syrup for this one!
  • One shot espresso
  • Foamed milk, steamed
  • One shot of flavored vanilla syrup
  1. Pull your espresso shot in your cup
  2. Add a shot of vanilla syrup
  3. Using a spoon pour the bottom 2/3 of the steamed milk from the steaming pitcher into the latte cup
  4. Spoon on the remaining bubbles.
  5. Try adding some art! 
  6.  Enjoy!


A LOVE UNEXPECTED was a quick, fun read.  It had a little bit of everything in it and came to me and just the right time.

It begins when Sedona runs in to Samuel, quite literally, and meets an unforgettable homeless woman named Invisible.  Invisible is quite mysterious and seems to have knowledge of things beyond this world.

Sedona likes her work, but is quite unhappy with her job environment.  Her boss treats her awfully and takes credit for all of Sedona's hard work.  Things begin to look up when Samuel walks through the doors of their PR company after meeting Sedona on the street and again in the quaint little coffee shop.  As attractive as Samuel is, Sedona wants to run the other way.  After being dumped, by text, when her ex began dating her best friend, the last thing Sedona wants to face is a smooth-talking sexy man.

Samuel's poor choices have landed him and his online dating company in a PR nightmare.  Recounting his lack of judgement to the beautiful woman he just met is not high on Samuel's list, but he is very grateful for the sympathy Sedona shows him and the ideas she has to help 'clean-up' his tarnished image.

A LOVE UNEXPECTED isn't a very deep story, but it really doesn't have to be.  It's a short story of love and growth with hints of magic.  It was sweet and sexy and just what I needed.

3.75 out of 5 stars

Although it seemed an obvious choice for a song to go with A LOVE UNEXPECTED, but I did have to go with 
Landon Pigg - Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop.

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