Monday, December 15, 2014

New Challenge - 2015 Monthly Key Word Challenge

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Monthly Key Word Reading Challenge!  This is a year-long challenge hosted by Bookmark To Blog.  You can find full rules and the sign up post here.
For this challenge six key words are associated with each month in 2015.  Your task is to read one book each month whose title includes one or more of the key words for that month.


JAN –   Bird, Girl, Ever, Silence, Bad, Truth, End
FEB –   Key, Water, Lie, Chase, And, Once
MAR –   Kind, Face, Power, City, Blue, Night, To
APR –   Dream, Prince, Long, Wind, Rose, The, Rock
MAY –   Ash, Road, Thief, Bend, In, Far
JUN –   My, Together, Whisper, Win, Soul, Sleep
JUL –   Sun, Unto, Energy, Fate, High, Look
AUG –   Fall, Boy, Glass, Heart, Lost, Now
SEP –   Color, Touch, Life, Day, How, Sweet
OCT –   Ghost, Home, Beach, Away, Test, Number
NOV –   Rise, Holiday, And, Little, Call, Dark
DEC –   Space, Mirror, Over, Flower, Trap, Cold

Who wants to join me?

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