Saturday, March 14, 2015

Saturday Soundtrack (3) - Amber Run

My son had been recommending more music to me.  He introduced me to this week's soundtrack, Amber Run.  The first song he had me listen to is called 'I Found'. The video he shared with me (below) is recorded with the London Contemporary Voices with Mahogany Sessions. I immediately broke out into goosebumps. It is just incredible.  I'd also like to toss in here that if you are looking for some great new music, simply search through all of the Mahogany Sessions selections.

According to Wikipedia:

Amber Run are a British band from NottinghamUK composed of Joe Keogh, Will Jones, Tom Sperring, Felix Archer, and Henry Wyeth. Originally friends from Buckinghamshire they decided to form a band while studying at University of Nottingham.[3] They were initially called Amber but changed to a name more memorable and because of copyright reasons- a completely different German band own the name of Amber.[1] The band have played many festivals and events including Reading FestivalStandon Calling,Kendal CallingDot-to-Dot and Bushstock.They have also played several UK gigs, most recently in February 2015

Also, here is the album version of 'I Found'. It's also just incredibly moving.

There is something otherworldly about this blend of voices. It reaches in somewhere deep inside of me and finds emotions that have long been forgotten.

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Do you have any music rec's for me? Please leave me a comment. I'm always looking for new tunes.

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